What is a smash burger?
It's a burger that you smash on a very hot surface to achieve the Maillard reaction. This creates a crust around the patty with the caramelization effect of proteins, and you can enjoy a bit of juiciness in the middle of the burger. Simple, light, and delicious! There aren't many places in Montreal that make real ones, and most are all on the West Coast of the United States.
Why doubles only?
Our style of smash burger is meant to have crispy edges (not burnt). Double patties for more crispiness! You can still order a single patty, but #twoisbetter!
Is the meat halal?
Do you make your own meat?
Yes, we cut it, grind it ourselves. No frozen products, only fresh.
Are the fries homemade?
Our fries are thin American style but prepared à l'ancienne Québec style. The potatoes are cut, blanched and fried on site in beef tallow like the good old days. In our opinion, this gives a better taste that is both nostalgic.

In addition, we mix white potatoes and red potatoes which gives a creamy and sweet texture respectively. No frozen products, only fresh.
Why aren't you open for more hours?
Although it is a fast food restaurant, our products are artisanal and require more expertise to offer you the best quality. We therefore cannot hire just anyone to do the job. We really want to make your experience as pleasant as possible with good food and friendly service.
Is there a vegetarian option?
Yes, we use Impossible Meat. The best on the market in our opinion.
Is there a vegan option?
We've decided to specialize in fresh, house-ground beef smash burgers. This process takes a lot of time. To streamline operations, it's best to focus solely on our specialty because that's what we want people to recognize us for. Vegetarian meat does not allow us to achieve the same crust as a real smash burger but we still serve an option to accommodate vegetarians.
Is there a gluten free option?
We tested several buns and the one we use is the perfect fit for the style of burger we want to serve. It is possible to request a lettuce wrap for a little extra. Keeping some gluten-free breads in stock for too long would harm its quality.
Why is it long to get my order sometimes?
We are very fortunate to have loyal customers who come back often and lucky to continue to attract new customers who are curious. Unfortunately, that means a lot of people want to eat at the same times and that creates traffic. We therefore encourage you to avoid peak hours if you do not like to wait.

We try to predict the number of staff as best as possible but sometimes we are surprised. But take our word for it when we tell you that the staff does their best to make you good burgers and fries within a reasonable time frame. It's easy to judge when an employee is slower or seems to be taking it easy, but remember that these are humans working several hours straight in intense conditions that we are always trying to improve.

To reassure you, true to our philosophy of serving you well:
- We have issued guidelines to release orders within 20 minutes maximum from the moment the customer places their order. We cannot control the flow of people arriving and waiting in line unfortunately.
- We even go so far as to tell our staff to close online orders to focus on on-site customers.
- Sometimes we don't understand why it takes a long time for a burger, but the problem is rather that it There are customers who place large orders or have many restrictions.

Trust us when we tell you that your experience is truly a priority for us! #faiteslamourpasladiete

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